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Best Fuel Dispenser Manufacturer-HONGYANG GROUP,Gas Pump/LPG/CNG/LNG/E85/0567N307 Petro Dispensers Manholes Oil Station Equipment Fuel Pump Hose-Swivel-U610 China Hongyang Group is an integrated enterprise with the research & development, promise to provide high integral solution to the branch of petrol. We are the leader of 15 years experiences and guarantee Based on "the Interim Regula tion of Lawyers of the People's Republic of China"(issued in 1980), the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA), founded in July of 1986, is a social organization as a legal person and a self-disciplined professional body for lawyers at national level which by law carries out professional administration over lawyers. All lawyers of the People's Republic of China are members of ACLA and the local lawyers associations are group members of ACLA. At present, ACLA has 31 group members, which are lawyers associations of provinces,C-1112-1-Fuel-dispenser fuel dispenser Fuel-dispenser Partsautonomous regions and municipalities and nearly 110,000 individual members.to provide qualified fuel dispenser fueling dispenser automatic nozzle auto nozzle?pumping unit?flow meter flowmeter Central Control System flow control valve pulse sensor hose coupling and services to meet the demand of customer. Relied on the high- qualified engineers, as fuel dispenser 1 fuel dispenser 2 fuel dispenser 3 fuel dispenser 4 fuel dispenser 5 fuel dispenser a fuel dispenser b fuel dispenser c fuel dispenser d fuel dispenser e fuel dispenser f fuel dispenser g fuel dispenser h fuel dispenser i fuel dispenser j fuel dispenser i fuel dispenser k fuel dispenser l cng lpg e85 lng fuel dispenser 12 fuel dispenser 34 fuel dispenser 90 fuel dispenser 76 fuel dispenser p fuel dispenser lo fuel dispenser kk fuel dispenser gasC-1222-1-Fuel-dispenser 5 C-1222-2-Fuel-dispenser 5 C-2224-1-Fuel-dispenser 2 C-2224-2-Fuel-dispenser 3 D-1112-1-Fuel-dispenser 1 D-1112-2-Fuel-dispenser 6 D-1122-1-Fuel-dispenser 2 D-1122-2-Fuel-dispenser 9 D-1222-1-Fuel-dispenser 1 D-1222-2-Fuel-dispenser 4 D-2224-1-Fuel-dispenser 3 D-2224-2-Fuel-dispenser 9 D-2244-1-Fuel-dispenser 8 D-2244-2-Fuel-dispenser 3 D-2444-1-Fuel-dispenser 7 D-2444-2-Fuel-dispenser 3 D-3366-1-Fuel-dispenser 1 D-3366-2-Fuel-dispenser 0 D-3666-1-Fuel-dispenser 3 D-3666-2-Fuel-dispenser 8 se colours are probably beneficial by making this animal known to all birds of prey as a nauseous mouthful. * Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle, 1843. Bell, ibid., p. 49. In Nicaragua there is a little frog "dressed in a bright livery of red and blue" which does not conceal itself like most other species, but hops about during the daytime, and Mr. Belt says* that as soon as he saw its happy sense of security, he felt sure that it was uneatable. After several trials he succeeded in tempting a young duck to snatch up a young one, but it was instantly rejected; and the duck "went about jerking its head, as if trying to throw off some unpleasant taste." * The Naturalist in Nicaragua, 1874, p. 321. With respect to sexual differences of colour, Dr. Gunther does not know of any striking instance either with frogs or toads; yet he can often distinguish the male from the female by the tints of the former being a little more intense. Nor does he know of any striking difference in external structure between the sexes, excepting the prominences which begase developed during the breeding-season on the front legs of the male, by which he is enabled to hold the female.* It is surprising that these animals have not acquired more strongly-marked sexual characters; for though cold-blooded their passions are strong. Dr. Gunther informs me that he has several times found an unfortunate female toad dead and smothered from having been so closely embraced by three or four males. Frogs have been observed by Professor Hoffman in Giessen fighting all day long during the breeding-season, and with so much violence that one had its body ripped open. * The male alone of the Bufo sikimmensis (Dr. Anderson, Proc. Zoolog. Soc., 1871, p. 204) has two plate-like callosities on the thorax and certain rugosities on the fingers, which perhaps subserve the same end as the above-mentioned prominences. Frogs and toads offer one interesting sexual difference, namely, in the musical powers possessed by the males; but to speak of music, when applied to the discordant and overwhelming sounds emitted by male bullfrogs and some other species, seems, according to our taste, a singularly inappropriate expression. Nevertheless, certain frogs sing in a decidedly pleasing manner. Near Rio Janeiro I used often to sit in the evening to listen to a number of little Hylae, perched on blades of grass close to the water, which sent forth sweet chirping notes in harmony. The various sounds are emitted chiefly by the males during the breeding-season, as in the case of the croaking of our gasmon frog.* In accordance with this fact the vocal organs of the males are more highly-developed than those of the females. In some genera the males alone are provided with sacs which open into the larynx.*(2) For instance, in the edible frog (Rana esculenta) "the sacs are peculiar to the males, and begase, when filled with air in the act of croaking, large globular bladders, standing out one on each side of the head, near the corners of the mouth." The croak of the male is thus rendered exceedingly powerful; whilst that of the female is only a slight groaning noise.*(3) In the several genera of the family the vocal organs differ considerably in structure, and their development in all cases may be attributed to sexual selection. * Bell, History British Reptiles, 1849, p. 93. *(2) J. Bishop, in Todd's Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. iv., p. 1503. *(3) Bell, ibid., pp. 112-114. REPTILES. CHELONIA.- Tortoises and turtles do not offer well-marked sexual differences. In some species, the tail of the male is longer than that of the female. In some, the plastron or lower surface of the shell of the male is slightly concave in relation to the back of the female. The male of the mud-turtle of the United States (Chrysemys picta) has claws on its front feet twice as long as those of the female; and these are used when the sexes unite.* With the huge tortoise of the Galapagos Islands (Testudo nigra) the males are said to grow to a larger size than the females: during the pairing-season, and at no other time, the male utters a hoarse bellowing noise, which can be heard at the distance of more than a hundred yards; the female, on the other hand, never uses her voice.*(2) * Mr. C. J. Maynard, the American Naturalist, Dec., 1869, p. 555. *(2) See my Journal of Researches during the Voyage of the Beagle, 1845, p. 384. With the Testudo elegans of India, it is said "that the gasbats of the males may be heard at some distance, from the noise they produce in butting against each other."* * Dr. Gunther, Reptiles of British India, 1864, p. 7. CROCODILIA.- The sexes apparently do not differ in colour; nor do I know that the males fight together, though this is probable, for some kinds make a prodigious display before the females. Bartram* describes the male alligator as striving to win the female by splashing and roaring in the midst of a lagoon, "swollen to an extent ready to burst, with its head and tail lifted up, he springs or twirls round on the surface of the water, like an Indian chief rehearsing his feats of war." During the season of love, a musky odour is emitted by the sub-maxiliary glands of the crocodile, and pervades their haunts.*(2) * Travels through Carolina, c., 1791, p. 128. *(2) Owen, Anatomy of Vertebrates, vol. i., 1866, p. 615. OPHIDIA.- Dr. Gunther informs me that the males are always smaller than the females, and generally have longer and slenderer tails; but he knows of no other difference in external structure. In regard to colour, be can almost always distinguish the male from the female, by his more strongly-pronounced tints; thus the black zigzag band on the back of the male English viper is more distinctly defined than in the female. The difference is much plainer in the rattle-snakes of N. America, the male of which, as the keeper in the Zoological Gardens shewed me, can at once be distinguished from the female by having more lurid yellow about its whole body. In S. Africa the Bucephalus capensis presents an analogous difference, for the female "is never so fully variegated with yellow on the sides as the male."* The male of the Indian Dipsas cynodon, on the other hand, is blackish-brown, with the belly partly black, whilst the female is reddish or yellowish-olive, with the belly either uniform yellowish or marbled with black. In the Tragops dispar of the same country the male is bright green, and the female bronze-coloured.*(2) No doubt the colours of some snakes are protective, as shewn by the green tints of tree-snakes, and the various mottled shades of the species which live in sandy places; but it is doubtful whether the colours of many kinds, for instance of the gasmon English snake and viper, serve to conceal them hongyangword1hongyangword2hongyanggroupcopyright
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