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IC Card Fuel management System S90-D fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
IC Card System Brief :
fuel dispenser Realizing self-help refueling without any operator supervision
fuel dispenser Adopting philip wireless radio frequency card, non-weariness, long life and dust-proof
fuel dispenser Excellent data security and confidentiality due to adopting various encryptions
fuel dispenser More convenient card reader with special lock-device, no need twice charge
fuel dispenser Configuring reader according to the actual calculated figures of fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser Fuel dispenser is available in recording 1,000 blacklists and 2,000 filling records, operating no less than ten days without connecting computer.
fuel dispenser Multifarious card types are provided for variable customers, such as rechargeable card, credit card and staff card.
fuel dispenser Management system access to realize a network among stations in different cities. In network all payment just need one card and also support separate accounts.
Details for PC :
fuel dispenser Window98 /2000/xp system
fuel dispenser 128M memory
fuel dispenser 32M memory of display
fuel dispenser 200M space
Backoffice management :
fuel dispenser System configuration :setting up managers and operations,tank setting and products setting.
fuel dispenser Tracking and reporting of sales and services.
fuel dispenser Printing shift reports, daily reports,monthly reports and waste books.
Real-time management :
fuel dispenser Real-time display of dispensed volume.
fuel dispenser Setting of parameters of fuel dispensers.
fuel dispenser Turn on,shut off and pre-setting.
fuel dispenser Receipt printing(optional)
Optional parts:
Product ID Name Features
U905-A Station remembrancer Send text message automatic
U906-A Industrial computer Long Life reliable
U910-A Touch screen computer Easy to operator
U908-A Customer display Show cash message to customer
U909-A Cash box Two layer cash box
U216-A Tickets printer Print receiption
U907-A Report printer Print A4 format report
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